Startup Fundraising- Convertible Notes, SAFEs , are they really safe to use in Sri Lanka?

In the world of fundraising, traditional methods often involve protracted negotiations, extensive legal due diligence, and a time-consuming process that can span weeks or even months. While this approach may be suitable for established corporations with longer planning horizons, startups operate on a different timeline. For startups, securing timely funding is critical to transforming their […]

Share Issue V Share Transfer and Implications – What Founders Need to Know

By Rushda Niyas What’s a share? Having shares in a company means that you have an ownership stake in that company in proportion to your shares. Shares can be issued to founders, investors, employees, or even the general public. They are a way for individuals to have a stake in the company’s success and share […]

10 Essential Reasons why Contracts are Vital for Startup Success

By Rushda Niyas and Deenah Mahroof Contracts are crucial for businesses of all sizes. They serve as a fundamental tool for establishing new relationships, expanding existing ones, and facilitating successful deals. Contracts go beyond just formalizing agreements. They serve various purposes and can provide significant value to a startup when managed effectively. In this article, […]